Static Map


To help you easily understand how to use NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM’s various services and APIs, two different types of documentations are provided: [Manuals] and [API References].

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Static Map returns maps in the form of images that can be displayed on a web page, based on the requested URL parameters.

Common information

You can get a Client ID by registering your application in NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Console.

  1. Go to AI·Application Service > AI·NAVER API > Application in your web console and register an application. Learn how to register >

  2. Check your Client ID and Client Secret by selecting the application registered in AI·Application Service > AI·NAVER API > Application.

  3. Click Edit of the application to make sure that Static Map is selected. If it is not selected, a 429 error (Quota Exceed) occurs.


Method Request URI Response format Authentication
GET Binary (PNG/JPG)

Request Header

Header Description
X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY-ID Client ID issued when registering an app
X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY Client Secret issued when registering an app
X-NCP-APIGW-API-KEY:{Client Secret}

Error Codes

  "error": {
    "errorCode": "300",
    "message": "Not Found Exception"

Common errors

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
400 100 Bad Request Exception Request error in protocol (https) or encoding (UTF-8).
401 200 Authentication Failed Authentication failed.
401 210 Permission Denied Authentication failed.
404 300 Not Found Exception Authentication failed.
429 400 Quota Exceeded Quota exceeded.
429 410 Throttle Limited Rate exceeded.
429 420 Rate Limited Rate exceeded.
413 430 Request Entity Too Large Content-length exceeded (10 MB).
503 500 Endpoint Error End point connection error
504 510 Endpoint Timeout End point connection timeout
500 900 Unexpected Error Unexpected error

API errors

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
400 100 Bad request The request contains invalid parameters.
500 900 Internal error An internal error has occurred.
If the problem persists, contact us.
503 500 Service Unavailable The service is temporarily unavailable for system maintenance.
Please try again later.
504 510 Gateway Timeout The service is temporarily unavailable because of system overload.
Please try again later.